Michael Friis Pedersen

Michael Friis Pedersen

Senior Advisor

Michael Friis Pedersen acquired his M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics in 2006 from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University and his PhD from the PhD School in Economics and Management under Copenhagen Business School in 2014. From 2006 to 2014, Michael was employed at the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture and completed his industrial PhD during this employment. Michael’s research background is in the institutional frames for risk management in agriculture. Nowadays he works with cross disciplinary agricultural research and primarily research-based agricultural economic public sector services within a wide range of topics from precision agriculture and environmental regulation of agriculture to the development in financial and ownership structures in Danish agriculture. Michael has particular insights in the economics of crop and dairy production in Denmark. Michael does not teach, but he gives occasional guest lectures and works as a supervisor on bachelor and master thesis projects.

Possible conflicts of interest

Michael Friis Pedersen collaborates with a broad range of people with interests in agriculture and agricultural research. He owns and lives on a 38 hectare farm, from which the land is rented out. He is also co-owner of the farm where he grew up, which also is rented out.

ID: 124410805