Section for Production, Markets and Policy

Tractors plowing field


The section conducts basic as well as applied research within business, microeconomics and macroeconomics with an emphasis on the national and international food and agricultural sector. Our research covers, e.g. production relations, organization, structure, market design, measurement and monitoring of efficiency and productivity, technology assessment, innovation, entrepreneurship, business management, international trade and trade policy, and food and agricultural economics and policy. We address these questions from economic, managerial, institutional and political economy perspectives, using both theoretically and quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches such as statistical analysis, econometrics, non-parametric models and general equilibrium models, as well as case studies, grounded theory, ethnography, and narrative research.

Our research engages in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects with national or international colleagues from social, natural and health sciences.

Examples of our applied work include issues like the persistency of agricultural support in EU and the United States, economic and policy consequences of multi and bilateral trade negotiations, the political economy of food price crisis, cost sharing strategies in waste water management, the effect of climate change and adaptation strategies of small-scale farmers in Northern Ghana, the effect of contract farming on the efficiency of small-scale farms in Tanzania, the effects of investments on the productivity of Danish pig farms, decision support systems for investment, and contracts, cooperatives and market design.

Professor Berit Hasler is head of the Section for Production, Markets and Policy.