Mette Weinreich Hansen

Mette Weinreich Hansen

Associate Professor

Not represented in any boards at the moment that can cause possible conflicts of interest

Primary fields of research

My research and teaching takes departure in an interdisciplinary Food Studies perspective and my main interests are areas such as

  • Innovation and co-creation – thinking across traditional silos and food chain rationales of production, processing and consumption to address the wicked problems of complex food systems
  • alternative food networks and the value aspects of the organic food production and processing in an organizational perspective
  • Food Systems transition. How can an interdisciplinary approach contribute to the major and needed transitions of our food systems both public and private
  • Collaboration between knowledge institutions and organizations or private companies in order to strengthen knowledge bridging.

The methodological approach is within the qualitative methods.

I am inspired by many different approaches but always with attention to the materiality of food as well as the societal implications of our food production and consumption. The Science and Technology Studies (STS) approach is the main theoretical basis for working with this complexity.



Food Systems and Transition

Sustainable Food Systems and Diets

Sustainability in a socio-material context

Public food systems

Possible conflicts of interest

Collaboration with employees from externally funded projects. The representatives from the private companies and organisations are often partners in the projects or serve in an advisory capacity to the projects. In the projects, I act as an employee of the University of Copenhagen and do not receive any remuneration from the external partners.

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