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Section for Consumption, Bioethics and Governance

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Research is conducted based on the disciplines of consumer economics, food and agricultural sociology, law and bioethics, much of it in interdisciplinary collaboration between the areas and with different disciplines of natural science.

Based on various modern economic theories and methods research in consumer economics targets economic determinants for food consumption as well as economic and other consequences, including health consequences, derived from food consumption.

The sociological research focuses on social and cultural aspects of ordinary everyday practices related to food and eating, meal patterns, healthy eating, obesity and on perceptions concerning the development and use of various forms of technologies in agriculture and food production.

In the field of law research focuses on the role of the legal framework and regulatory instruments at EU and national level with a particular emphasis on food law and environmental law, including water, biodiversity, land use and planning law, as well as proactive law and sustainable lawyering.

Finally, research within bioethics analyses value questions and ethical issues relating to agriculture, food production, use of various forms of biotechnology and different forms of animal use. 

Professor Peter Sandøe is head of the Section for Consumption, Bioethics and Governance.