Henrik Meilby

Henrik Meilby

Professor, Head of Section, Professor

I mainly work with quantitative studies focusing on different natural resources and their sustainable use and management. I teach and supervise students within the same fields and head IFRO’s Section for Environment and Natural Resources.

Primary fields of research

My research interests cover a wide range of aspects of the interaction between humans and natural resources. I this context I work with questions regarding measurement and monitoring of living natural resources, modelling of growth, dynamics and economic decision-making and management. The geographic focus varies and spans from developing countries in the tropics to arctic regions. The specific questions relate to vegetation and wildlife, local communities’ livelihoods and the effects of human utilization and climate on the structure and dynamics of populations, including growth, regeneration and mortality. Other questions relate to aspects of resource economics and sustainable use and economic optimization, including spatial and temporal conditions and economic uncertainty.

Current research

2020-2025: The project ‘Livestock in the forest (LIVEFOR)’ is a South-driven collaboration project with Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania. The project is funded by Danida and examines the possibilities for integrating livestock owned by pastoralists and agropastoralists in Community-Based Forest Management in Tanzania.


I am responsible for the MSc courses ‘Natural Resource Sampling and Modelling’, ‘Forest and Nature Management Planning’ and ‘Applied Economics of Arctic Natural Resources’. I also teach part of the BSc course ‘Natural Resources – Management and Economy’. I supervise students within related topics, including measurement, analysis and modelling of living natural resources, including forests, plant and animal life more generally, interaction between humans and natural resources, effects of management, economic decision-making and planning, and associated models and optimization methods.

Possible conflicts of interest

I collaborate with employees of associations and companies within Danish forestry and organic farming.

ID: 4240020