Jette Bredahl Jacobsen

Jette Bredahl Jacobsen


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    I am professor in environmental and resource economics, teaching and doing research within a broad range of topics within this field, in particular environmental valuation, forest economics, climate economics. 

    Apart from that I am vice chair for the European Advisory Board for Climate Change

    Primary fields of research

    environmental and resource economics with focus on environmental valuation, forest economics, climate economics. Particular research interests are valuation of non-use values (e.g. biodiversity), valuation and decision making where risk and uncertainty plays a central role, and the possibilities of aggregating effects. I work with problems all around the world – typically in collaboration with others with site specific knowledge. In terms of methods, I work in particular with stated preference methods (choice experiments, contingent valuation), but also revealed preference methods (hedonic pricing and travel cost), various operational analysis tools (e.g. to solve real option problems, or land use optimization)

    Current research

    Currently (2023) I work with projects dealing with the development of a green net national product, the cost of flooding, climate adaptation in Mexico, valuation of recreation in Europe, a couple of EU projects on resilience in forests ( RESONATE:, on forest restoration (SUPERB), on rewilding (WildE) and another new one of future expectations to Europe's forests  (EUFORE).


    I teach the following courses and I am happy to supervise within these and associated topics: Applied economics of forest and nature (MSc), Applied economics and management of Arctic resources (MSc), Environmental valuation (PhD). I also give guest lectures, e.g. in the Economics of Climate Change

    Possible conflicts of interest

    I am special advisor in the Environmental Economic Council. I am also vice chair of the European Council for Climate Change.

    Occasionally I have received an honorary for writing a popular paper or giving a presentation.

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