Sinne Smed

Sinne Smed

Associate Professor

Sinne Smed, born 18 August 1968. Her research interest focuses on behavioral economics and consumer behavior, with emphasis on explaining the underlying reasons for consumer behavior and how the public can regulate consumer behavior through information provision and taxation. Furthermore, she has done a considerable amount of work on demand for organic foods and labelling. She teaches two courses in Econometrics both at BA and MSc level. She actively participates in the public debate, especially concerning taxation of foods, and works as a temporary advisor for the WHO on that matter.

Current research

I have several research projects at the moment, however all of them is related to health, sustainbility and food consumption behaviour. In RECONCILE we are estimating consumer Willingness to Pay for food produced with recirulated nutrients, and assessing the barriers and facilitators for this. In another project we look at the association between dietary health and climate impact based on real life diets using various methods to measure health and climate impact Furthermore, I am working on papers adressing the health and public revenue diluting effects of bordertrade as well as the effect of major life events such as retirement and livestyle related diagnosis on dietary health. 

ID: 9871524