Rasmus Nielsen

Rasmus Nielsen

Associate Professor

I have worked for more than 20 years with fisheries and aquaculture and have an extensive experience in applied and empirical research within fisheries- and aquaculture economics, environmental economics, production economic modelling, policy and management of fisheries and aquaculture, interaction of fisheries and aquaculture on global fish markets, and the fish processing industry, data collection on the European and Danish fisheries, aquaculture and the fish processing sectors and have been engaging in a large number of Danish and European research projects.

Key elements include incentive based environmental regulation of fisheries and aquaculture using production economic modelling. Recent research activities have focused on how to improve the management and regulation of the European fisheries and aquaculture sectors using incentive based management. The research has been published in a number of scientific journals, research reports and policy recommendation for the Danish government and EU Commission.

Through this research activities and being involved in many different projects – of which the majority has been together with external research partners – I have obtained substantial experience in project management either as project leader or as work package leader. This includes experience with research planning, procedures for activity and financial reporting, collaboration with other project partners, research communication, and ensuring progress and completion of research activities.

I have a substantial network among Danish, European and global researchers within the fields of fisheries and aquaculture economics, established through international research collaborations and the EU Data Collection Framework program, and participation in a number of scientific conferences. In my work related to the data collection I have been appointed chairman of the Economic Working Group for Aquaculture under the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) writing and editing the publication The Economic Performance of the EU Aquaculture Sector.

 Research activities:

The work includes applied economic research and public consultancies within the fields of:

  • Theoretic and empirical analysis of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors

  • Quantitative analysis of fisheries and aquaculture using production economic modelling

  • Quantitative analysis of the Danish and European fish processing industry

  • Interdisciplinary research within fisheries and aquaculture

  • Interaction between fisheries and aquaculture on the global market for fish

  • Evaluation of management and policy designs within fisheries and aquaculture

  • Environmental regulation and incentives within fisheries and aquaculture    

 Teaching activities at KU:

I have teaching experience at the bachelor level as course responsible. Teaching tasks included planning of the course, preparing and conducting lectures and exercises, group teaching sessions, preparation and evaluation of exams and mandatory assignments.

ID: 6027593