Animal food sectors’ future: the triple challenges from income and demographic development, climate change and trade policy uncertainties

This project aims at understanding how income and demographic changes, climate change, and trade policy uncertanties drive the future development of the animal food sectors. A set of model-based projections of animal food demand, supply and trade at national and global levels will be conducted under alternative scenarios.

The animal food sector (e.g. beef, dairy, pork, and poultry) faces a multitude of challenges. Differential income, demographical, and consumer preference changes may increase demand from some parts of the world while stagnating demand from elsewhere. Heightened attentions to climate change may require the animal food sector to be an active participant of climate mitigation efforts. Trade conflicts and regional trade agreements add further uncertainties on how such products will be traded globally in the future. This projet uses data-driven and model-based economic analysis to develop a set of scenarios consisting of different configurations of the above-mentioned drivers, and projections of future market outcomes within these scenarios.






Research reports and research articles

Han, M., Yu, W., and Clora, F. (2022) Boom and Bust in China’s pig sector during 2018-2021: Recent recovery from the ASF shocks and longer-term sustainability considerations. Working Paper. (available upon request)

Bouyssou, C.G., Jensbye, L. G., Jensen, J. D., & Yu, W. (2021). The global animal food market: drivers and challenges. IFRO Report No. 298. (full report; English summary; Danish summary)

Clora, F., Yu, W., & Corong, E. (2021). Alternative border-carbon-adjustment mechanisms in the European Union and responses: aggregate and within-coalition results. Paper presented at the 24th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Yu, W., & Schou, J. S. (2020). Sikring af fødevareforsyningen og en fri verdenshandel er afgørende under COVID-19. Tidsskrift for Landoekonomi206(1), 21-23.

Yu, W. (2020). The agricultural and food dimension of the ongoing trade conflicts and tentative agreement between the US and China. Tidsskrift for Landoekonomi206(2), 49-60.

Progress reports

Bouyssou, C.G., L. G., Jensen, J. D., & Yu, W. (2022). International cross-sectional data and future meat and dairy consumption. (WP1 status report for 2021; available upon request).

Jensbye, L.G. and Yu. W. (2022) Climate change mitigation and global and national animal food production: a cluster analysis on setting agricultural emission targets at country level. (WP2 status report for 2021; available upon request).

Clora F. and Yu, W. (2022) Uncertain globalization and global/bilateral trade patterns of animal food products (WP3 status report for 2021; available upon request).

Popular dissemination

Yu, W., & Jensen, J. D. (2021, Nov 15). To jokere bestemmer kursen for Kinas grisemarked.

Yu, W., & Jensen, J. D. (2021, Aug 18). Vi skal spise mindre kød, men der er ét problem: Forskere ved ikke, hvordan klimaet vil påvirke forbruget.

Other related publications (mainly funded by other projects)

Clora, F., Yu, W., Baudry, G., & Costa, L. (2021). Impacts of supply-side climate change mitigation practices and trade policy regimes under dietary transition: the case of European agriculture. Environmental Research Letters16(12), [124048].




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Wusheng Yu Professor +4535336812 E-mail

Funded by:

This multi-year research programme is currently funded by Norma og Frode Jacobsens Fond, Svineafgiftsfonden, Mælkeafgiftsfonden, Kvægafgiftsfonden, Fjerkræafgiftsfonden, and the University of Copenhagen.

Period:  2020-2023


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