Research networks

IPBES in Denmark

IFRO is engaged in a partnership with IPBES in Denmark, the Danish coordination office for IPBES. IFRO contributes to ensure the anchoring of IPBES at the universities in Denmark and implementation of IPBES in Denmark’s work. 

Management Science and Production Economics - MSAP

MSAP is a network of which the main aim is to establish a forum for scientific exchange and cooperation between leading researchers and practitioners within the fields of Management Science and Production Economics.

MSAP brings together knowledge from the academic world and the relevant industries for mutual benefit. It aims to provide an ideal basis for the training of young researchers as well as the diffusion of knowledge for relevant groups within both the public and private sector.

Nordic Environmental Law, Governance & Science Network (NELN+)

NELN+ aims at promoting high level research training and research co-operation focusing on how to regulate environmental problems, including climate change issues.

Danish Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment - CeBRA 

(Website in Danish only)

CeBRA was from 2000 to 2012 a cross-institutional centre for interdisciplinary research and communication regarding ethical aspects of scientific research, particularly within agriculture and natural resources. It is now completely embedded in IFRO.