Collaborative Feminist Degrowth: Pandemic as an Opening for a Care-Full Radical Transformation

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*This reflection piece was collaboratively elaborated by scholars and activists affiliated with the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA). I am just one of multiple contributors. Any references should be made to FaDa.

The Covid-19 pandemic must be understood not only as a public health crisis, or as an economic crisis of the capitalist mode of production, but also, fundamentally, as a crisis of the reproduction of life. In this sense, it is a crisis of care: the work of caring for humans, non-humans, and the shared biosphere. The pandemic offers an unprecedented, vital insight: the true, total interdependence of all humans on the biosphere. It reveals the interdependent and systemic way in which we must transform economies in the face of the growing climate and environmental emergencies to foreground care for humans and the environment. Feminist degrowth envisions just, sustainable and convivial societies brought about by voluntary change. It is rooted in collective decision-making in the production and reproduction of common and public wealth. This crisis calls us to reflect on the priorities of our global economy at large, our daily priorities, and what the alternatives to “back to normal” might be: more time for community, relationship building, and care for the planet and for each other.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date20 Apr 2020
PublisherKonzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie
Publication statusPublished - 20 Apr 2020

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