Marie Lautrup

Marie Lautrup


Marie Lautrup is working as a postdoc on the Horizon 2020 project RESONATE (Resilient forest value chains – enhancing resilience through natural and socio-economic responses). RESONATE aims to generate the needed knowledge and practices for making ​European forests, the services they provide, and related economic activities ​more resilient to future climate change and disturbances. Maries works with understanding motivations and drivers of forest owners to create more resilient forests. Further, she is investigating the resilience of the demand for forest ecosystem services. Project website:


Marie has a Ph.D. in environmental economics with focus on economic valuation of non-marketed goods. Specifically, the project aimed at assessing the socioeconomic cost of flooding from coastal flooding and cloundbursts. Project website:


Guest lectures in the following courses:

  • Applied Economics of Forest and Nature (MA)
  • Economic Valuation and Cost-Benefit Analysis (MA)
  • Life Cycle Assessment within Biological Production Systems (MA)
  • Applied Economic Analysis (BA)
  • Theme course: Nature, Environment and Society (BA)

 Teaching assistant in the following courses:

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (BA)
  • Applied Economics of Forest and Nature (MA)


  • Bachelor thesis:
    • Litterature review of valuation of a coastal protection project (2020) (co-supervisor, group)
    • Hedonic valuation of a coastal protection project (2021)
  • Master's thesis:
    • The role of land abandonment in the concept of socio-ecological resileince (2023) (co-supervisor, group)
    • Price Effect of the Copenhagen Metro on the Housing Market (2023)
    • The hedonic price effect of district heating (2023)
    • Assessment of the Long-term Development of Swedish Forests using the EFISCEN Model until 2060 (2023)

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