Tim Maarten de Kruiff

Tim Maarten de Kruiff

PhD fellow

My main scientific interests lie in environmental valuation and choice modelling, currently focusing on the societal value of rewilding. As part of my research, I am analyzing trade-offs between different degrees of wildness in our natural environment, and the relation to ecosystem services such as biodiversity and recreation.

Working with three rewilding cases from Denmark, Netherlands, and Slovakia, I am incorporating concepts such as outcome uncertainty, disturbance regimes and perceptions of nature to understand people’s preferences for rewilding and nature restoration.

Before my PhD, I’ve worked as a strategic advisor to companies looking to enter emerging economies, as well as a project manager for multiple Public Private Partnerships focused on sustainable fish farming in East-Africa.


Linking my previous work experience and current PhD, I am co-teaching the course Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries. I am also involved in the summer course Understanding Sustainability as a teaching assistant.


Agricultural value chains in developing countries


Teaching assistant

Understanding Sustainability Summer Course


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