Lærke Godsk Jensbye

Lærke Godsk Jensbye



Calls for climate action are increasing, and the current continued growth in GHGs, makes the achievement of the 1.5-degree temperature target increasing unlikely without including the food sector. However, specifics for the cross-country sectoral reduction have yet to be communicated. 

I am therefore, within my research, attempting to understand the determinants of countries' climate targets, to enable the establishment of likely targets across countries. These emissions targets will then form the basis for the analysis of the future changes in global production patterns within the agricultural sector, paying special attention to livestock production. 

Main research methods: Computable general equilibrium modelling, Cluster analysis 





2020 - MSc in Agricultural economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Thesis title: “The food security implications of the coronavirus pandemic: Focusing on the staple crops rice and wheat, a CGE analysis is conducted exploring the changes in food security, resulting from the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the agrifood market trade policy responses. “ 


2018 - BSc Agricultural economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 



Teaching Assistant and Guest lecturer: Advanced International Trade (MSc), Computational Methods for Policy Analysis in AgriFood Markets (MSc), International Economics (BSc) 

Student assistant: Introductory Economics (BSc), Development Economics (BSc), Investment and Finance (BSC), International Economics (BSc), Econometrics (BSc) 

ID: 212553859